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Call Forwarding

Many companies use call forwarding to route their calls to another office or voicemail based system when they are not available. Customers who reach an automated system, rather than a live person, say they will do less business with the company. Answer Centre of Louisiana provides the “human element” needed to retain your customers and drive your business success.

  • Live Answers for Live Customers

    Why not forward calls to a live virtual receptionist that answers 24/7/365 instead? Each forwarded call is answered in your business name and information is taken according to your protocols and needs. Answer Centre Call Representatives interact with clients and handle calls according to your preferences – from taking messages and paging and dispatching on-call resources to screening calls and qualifying business leads. All calls received after hours are handled at the same rate as calls received during normal business hours.  There are no extra charges for 24/7 coverage for your business!

  • Never Miss a Call

    Don’t miss important or urgent customer calls when your lines are busy or the office is closed. No matter which type of call forwarding you choose, be it follow me call forwarding, automated call forwarding based on hours of the day, or manual call forwarding, calls are routed to friendly, responsive Call Representatives ready to help your customers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.